Scouts are a go-getting group of young people aged
10 ½ to 14 who: 

  • Master new skills and try new things
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun and go on adventures, at home and abroad
  • Explore the world around them
  • Help others and make a difference, in their own communities and beyond

Week in and week out, they gather in groups called Scout Troops to conquer the small task of changing the world

Upcoming Programme

01/02/2021Astronomer's Badge - TelescopesUnderstand the difference between what you see with the naked eye and how a telescope works.
08/02/2021Introduction to Fire Safety BadgeExplain what action should be taken and why, if you discover a fire has broken out in the home or at camp.
15/02/2021Half Term
22/02/2021Fire Safety - Evacuation PlanFeedback on your family discussions for safe exit. Explain the process of combustion.
01/03/2021Fire Safety - Dangers in the HomeBe aware of dangers in the home and the fire precautions necessary and explain the benefits of installing smoke detectors.
08/03/2021Fire Safety - Camp SafetyLearn what the dangers of campfires are and what precautions should be taken. Find out about the causes of heath and grass fires.
15/03/2021Fire Safety - Basic Burns First AidFind out what to do if a person’s clothes are on fire and basic burns first aid and calling the emergency services.
22/03/2021Badge Presentations